Losing 28 pounds in just six weeks gives Marsha Rowe a lot to cheer about. On June 22, she became the first patient of The Surgery Center’s exciting, new non-surgical weight loss program, under the care of gastroenterologist Kwadwo Agyei-Gyamfi, MD. As of August 3, Marsha was down not only 28 pounds, but a full scrub size as well. Marsha regularly puts on surgical scrubs in her role as The Surgery Center administrator.

“My old scrub size was way too big,” she found, “so I tried the next size down, and there was plenty of room in that too.”

Weight loss has been the reward of her diminished appetite. “I just don’t seem to get hungry like before,” she said.

While Marsha has been content mostly with protein shakes, this week she begins Weight Watchers where she’ll enjoy a fuller diet that is calorie counted toward her continued weight loss goals. She also begins an exercise regime that includes focused Mall walking, a temperature-controlled track that beats the summer heat.

Marsha now has her sights set on December, the month she expects to achieve her total weight loss.