2016 has been a challenging year in our region. All our lives have been impacted by the hurricane and flood devastation. Yet, we have witnessed the courage and strength of our families and neighbors working to pick up the pieces and move forward. We are grateful for the teamwork of our doctors and staff to keep The Surgery Center a safe and secure facility for our patients and their families.

We continue to build our reputation as a premier surgery center for our region. In 2016, our doctors and team performed 3,276 surgical cases. That is a three-fold increase over the previous year. We especially celebrate the feedback we continuously receive from patients about their experience with us. 99.9% of our patients say they are very, very happy with the care they received. That high degree of satisfaction is attracting new doctors and medical specialties.

With gratitude, we thank our doctors and team for their unyielding commitment to our patients and community. We thank our patients for giving us the opportunity to serve them, and for spreading the word about their experience with us. We look forward to building on the foundation we’ve created, and our collective commitment to move beyond obstacles.