marsha-before-webShedding 34 pounds is lifting the physique and spirits of Marsha Rowe, The Surgery Center’s first non-surgical weight loss patient. That weight loss, in only 11 weeks without surgery, is transforming Marsha’s relationship to eating, exercise, clothing and life.

She no longer avoids stepping on the scale, as she did for so many years carrying the burden of excess weight. Each day, she excitedly checks her weight to confirm the downward trend. And she no longer hides behind clothing. She’s beginning to wear styles and colors that bring out her best.

“But I’m not buying a lot of new clothes yet,” she said, “because I will be continuing to lose over the next several months.” Marsha expects to ring in the New Year with a new wardrobe illuminating her lean trim and elevated sense of health and vitality.  “Better than I’ve felt for my entire adult life!”

marsha-afterIn June, Marsha began the non-surgical weight loss program under the care of Gastroenterologist Kwadwo Agyei-Gyamfi, MD. The program started with the non-surgical insertion of a gastric balloon to give her body a sense of being full, prompting her to eat less. She is now eating lighter and healthier following the Weight Watcher’s program and getting regular exercise. Those healthy habits have been relatively easy to adopt are beginning to take root. There will be no turning back.

General Surgeon Eric Velazquez, MD, underwent the specialized training and was recently certified to perform non-surgical weight loss. Dr. Velazquez and Dr. Gyamfi are the only two surgeons in the region certified in the gastric balloon weight loss procedure and program.

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